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EXP Theme v2

EXP Theme v2

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Password: EXP 


Experience a truly customizable shopping experience with the EXP v2 Shopify theme. Developed by WEBEXP, this theme features easy to use customizing options like 3D models, Music Player, Custom Cursor, Logos, Links, Date & Time, Password Page and more. With its wide array of features, EXP Theme v2 provides the perfect platform for a unique eCommerce experience. Elevate your clothing brands internet presence with this unique theme, surely to impress all of your supporters. 


What Is Included In This Product:

- EXP Shopify Theme v2

- HD MP4 Backgrounds

- HDR Environment Images


* After purchasing, reach out to us via Instagram or Email to have your FREE theme set up if you don't currently have a Shopify Store. Thank you! 

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Theme Features

Interactive Landing Page

Craft a stunning landing page that reflects your style. Upload a 3D model file (.GLB) with a 360 background—MP4, JPG, or vibrant colors. Elevate it with added effects like outline or bloom. Unleash endless possibilities for a captivating and unique user experience. This landing page has the option to be enabled / disabled.

Customizable Shop Page

Transform your shop page into a conversion powerhouse, blending functionality with captivating visual elements. Elevate the customer experience with eye-catching effects such as product glows and a custom cursor, ensuring your products stand out. Streamline the purchase process with a quick add-to-cart button, minimizing clicks and maximizing efficiency. Unleash the full potential of your shop page for seamless conversions and a visually engaging shopping experience.